Friday, March 11, 2011


im so so so freaking jealous !!
why should i felt this way ?
am i normal ?
people keep saying that life is like a ball..
up and down..
but why im owez feelin down every second !!! why !!

i didnt ask too much . just a long after happiness :)
they didnt understand what am i feeling rite now..?
they refers to people around me..
im not asked to be this way..

i just cant pretend that im okey.
in reality im still not oke,,

i still cant forget our memories.
there's too much..
everything happens around me , remind me of HIM..
why cant i simply forget the memories..

i have to be strong,,but im not strong enough..

im suffered like HELLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : i dun love you like i did yesterday

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