Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Missed You :(

i wanna know..
where were you when i said i loved you
and where were you when i cried at night
waiting up, couldn't sleep without you
Thinking of, all the times we shared..

i remember when my heart broke
i remember when i gave up loving you
my heart couldn't take no more of you
i was sad and lonely...

i remember when i walked out
I remember when i screamed i hated you
but somehow deep inside still loving you

no one knew, all the pain i went through!!
all the love, i saved deep in my heart for you!!
didn't know.. where i would go? where i would be?
but you made me leave and plus my heart it just kept telling me so..

there was nowhere else to go!
nobody else to turn to..
for the rest of my life, i promise myself..
i will love me first genuinely

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